Pomodoro Switch

I might have stumbled upon a neat hack for master procrastinators to get things done in style.

I have been working on a bunch of different projects lately and each day a mountain of work awaits that has to be done. I noticed something rather interesting the past week. Whenever I am working on one project, serendipity hits, and I switch to a different project.

I'm refreshed on switch, engrossed (no context switching cost) and go about doing things well. I suspect this is due to the simmering of half baked ideas in my head leading to a light bulb moment exciting enough to try it out.

Maybe having a bunch of different projects to work on is a good hack around your procrastination woes. Whenever you are not working on something you have to work on, you are working on something you have to work on :D

You are also consistently in the important quadrants of the eisenhower matrix, making progress on each project one serendipitous moment a time.

I'm calling it Pomodoro Switch : )