Standing Invitation

I spent most of my 2½ years at LetsVenture working with founders to revise their pitch that Hemingway would approve : ). If you are a founder raising funds, I'll give feedback to make your pitch effective. [email protected].





Made in God's own image, yes sir!

Born in the Land of the Thunder Dragon and raised by monks in the Himalayas to destroy Aku — the shape shifting master of darkness ⚔ (living the stoic ways in God's own country at the moment : )

In '94, I got hands on my first computer, a Toshiba T2000, and my family realised I was destined for greater things in life when I spent countless productive days and months playing Hocus Pocus (and later in life DOTA). Enamored with computers for all the right reasons ever since.

ISTJ by nature, fundamental philosophy in life is to boil things down to their essence and to reason up from there. Why? is my favorite question, zero is my favorite number, and I find pristine beauty in nothingness.

Main hobbies are reading books and crafting tropes. I love stories, and anime is my favorite form of story telling. Recommended watches: Mushishi, Ghost in the Shell, Honey & Clover, Death Note, Natsume Yuujinchou.

Zen for me would be relaxing on my armchair, connected to the internet, sipping a warm cup of tea, near the fireplace, in my cabin made out of wood, on the highest peak of a snowcapped mountain, with a serene view of the vast endless ocean, clear blue skies and the warm sun.

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